by Charles Mathys, Naples, FL

A Fun Guide for the Conversion of a Minivan to a MiniCamper RV, for under $150!

For those who love the great outdoors, there is no greater joy than having a versatile vehicle capable of transporting bikes, boats and camping gear to where the action is. If the same vehicle can be used for picnics, tailgate parties, music festivals and replace a second car while seating 5 comfortably, you have a real winner.

The minivan conversion described in this book can do just that. It exploits the room and versatility of the minivan which, quoting Consumer Guide provides "Easily the smartest use of space and cargo."

The four parts of the book provide an overview of the project, a guide to selecting an appropriate vehicle and two sets of plans to implement the conversion. It also includes the construction of a folding picnic table. The entire conversion job can easily be completed in one weekend.

If a Toyota Sienna is used for the conversion, full-scale templates are provided for the plywood base and the cover over the storage area. This installation option requires no modification of any kind to the van. Bills of material are provided to acquire the supplies quickly and efficiently.

'Car Talk' Guys Recommend the Minivan as a good substitute for RV

The hosts of Car Talk, Tom and Ray Magliozzi — known as Click and Clack, recently penned an article on the merits of Minivans as campers in their syndicated column. They recommended the minivan as "the best compromise vehicle [as a camper]. It'll fit you, your belongings and your bedding on a long-distance ramble, while also serving as a car that you can use every day."  Check out the whole article here or on their web site

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• Easy-to-follow plans & templates
• Includes all bills of material
• Complete in just one weekend
• Vehicle selection guide
BONUS folding picnic table plans


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