This 2013 write-up is an update for MY Minicamper Conversion, first published in May 2010.

The main areas in need of updating are the specifications of appropriate 2013 minivans for an RV conversion and the camping accessories, in particular, the Igloo, 26-quart “Picnic Basket” cooler which is no longer available.

Since 2000, which was a banner year for minivans, the sale of minivans has continued their slow but steady slide from 1.37 million to less than 600,000 in 2012. Proliferations of SUV’s (some with 3 rows of seats) and Crossovers which now have better mileage and riding qualities have replaced many minivans. The minivans are becoming outdated and are considered “Soccer Mom Wagons” which is less than cool.